Dickson Bros. Hardware Co. has every facet you can fathom when it comes to home improvement. Stocking parts, both common and unusual, as well as an assortment of sealants, glues, tapes, and tools. At our store, you can find:

  • Plumbing Supplies.
  • Glues, Caulks, Glazes, and Pastes.
  • Duct, Gaffer’s, Painter’s, and Electrical Tapes.
  • Screws (Self-Tapping, Masonry, etc), Bolts, Pins, Nuts, Washers.
  • Hand Tools (Hammer, Drivers, Crowbars).
  • Electric Tools (Drills, Jigsaws, Sanders).
  • Gardening Tools and Accessories.
  • Hatchets, Sledgehammers.

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